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The African Culture International is glad to send its quadrennial report for 2012-2015 registration for our Organization and its overall work. It was a great honor for us to be part of civil society, a unique opportunity to express ourselves, support and contribute a great deal towards the Humanitarian movement with main focus in Human Rights protection of Children, women and concerns of the environment. Our organization strongly endorses the work of the UN.


AFRICA CULTURE INTERNATIONAL NGO was established in 1996 in Dakar, following a course of Senegal-organized artistic creation by the Indian scholar support of UNESCO foundation Ashberg. ACI is committed to promoting solidarity, International Cooperation and contributing towards sustainable development through actions in favor of disadvantaged and vulnerable children. ACI is committed to a principle of Promoting Sustainable Development Goals, and through these actions to benefit the preservation of the environment.
ACI is committed to the following objectives:

  •   Work towards the protection of rights of children, women and the environment.

  •   Organize medical and social caravans to assist disadvantaged persons in difficult situations.

  •   Working for the educational and social support between children and their parents on one

    hand, and between the latter and educators on the other.

  •   Provide children and their educators a set of activities and assets to ensure knowledge of

    their own cultural, sporting and social community involvement.

  •   Cultivate and promote solidarity among members through exchange for greater international

    harmony contributing to the development of peoples.

  •   Our actions have been revolving around the Protection of human rights. Education of

    neglected children (orphans), construction of kindergartens, vocational rehabilitation for young people, girls' education, women's literacy in villages. Nursery Schools: 3 to 6 years old, French, English and Arabic. Awareness against AIDS, family and environmental protection and Hygiene with the aim to fight against poverty, insecurity, juvenile delinquency.




Femmes Enfants, et Environnement

Toubacouta BP 82 Région de Fatick Tel : +221 948 60 30 / +221 945 87 40

Changes in the organisation:

Our organization did not experience enormous changes during the previous years. Certainly, as in all organizations there were entries for new members who come to assist in various departments of the organization.

Contribution of the Organization to the United Nations activities:

Since July 2012 our accreditation to the UN, we have greatly contributed to UN activities and involvement in various celebrations of international days such as:
1- World Child Day
2 World Day of Women

3- World Environment Day
4- World Day of the African Child
Organization of an international forum against the non-violence. Various awareness campaigns in villages, in schools to introduce children to the understanding of their rights.

Participation in United Nations meetings:

Our organization has had a commitment to participation in many conferences, meetings, and UN forum since its accreditation in 2012. Despite our limited funds we move in 3 offices (New York, Geneva and Vienna) to take part in various UN events including:
New York in 2013 AIT meeting UNITWOMEN participation in March, and in 2015 at the same meeting.

In Geneva, we are remarkably involved in all meetings and conferences in which civil societies are invited. Specifically our Organization is the perpetual struggle for the defense of Human Rights, during the Councils. The organization of side-vents, presentations speeches during the council:
A strong participation and presentation of speeches to the general debate, Items on the various issues that plague our people. We have a major participation in the Universal Periodic Reviews (UPR) of the United Nations for Example: Qatar, Kuwait, Palestine, Turkey, Eritrea, Spain, to name a few. (UNTV reference WEB).




Femmes Enfants, et Environnement

Toubacouta BP 82 Région de Fatick Tel : +221 948 60 30 / +221 945 87 40

Initiatives undertaken by the Organization in the framework of the projects, Millennium Development Goals:

We conducted several initiatives as part of our millennium projects and development goals and achievements that have been cited below:

Since 2012, ACI has evolved from participation in various cultural events (music, dance, visual arts) several concrete humanitarian projects (drilling wells, medical equipment distribution, construction of a primary school) that changed the everyday life of rural poor.

The aspect of human rights is paramount to ACI. Thus an international forum on non-violence was conducted in Dakar in 2013.

Historically, these actions are part of a spirit of global development: economic, cultural, educational, medical and social. Starting from the base (children's education, rehabilitation education of young adolescents, female literacy), ACI aims to promote progress in its main forms at the rural poor. For a complete action, ACI is committed to sustainable development by leading a campaign against deforestation, agricultural projects and promoting recycling through providing recycling bins in public places.

Examples of activities and recent projects.

  •   operational center of socio-artistic and educational activity for children

  •   Review of Operations

    The association made various collections of medications (anti-malaria, antibiotics, aspirins, and chloroquine), bed sheets, and sugar for diabetics, eyeglasses, health equipment, a hundred gowns for staff medical, syringes, test equipment for diabetes. These gifts from Italy were given to local Senegalese authorities in the presence of local elected: Sub-Prefect, President of the rural community, and the heads of three health posts in Toubacouta, Keur Saloum Diané, and Nioro Alassane Tall.

  •   Launching day of the project of 'right to education'
    Organization arts courses for children: painting on paper, drawing, theater, recitation, poetry, movement of body language, etc. These activities were organized in Toubacouta. Centre sociocultural youth (organization of shows and being initiative, artistic expression for young children (painting, drawing, theater, dance, recitation, poetry, etc.) Location: Toubacouta. Collaboration with the cooperative Dyers village women, financial subsidy for their dyeing operations (Batick, bed sheets, table carpets, towels, etc.) Location: Sangako.




Femmes Enfants, et Environnement

Toubacouta BP 82 Région de Fatick Tel : +221 948 60 30 / +221 945 87 40

Kids workshop: improvisation recitals
A survey program was held in the surrounding villages of the district of Toubacouta on the

state of education of toddlers in order to launch the Right to Education Project.

Finally, in 2014 we donated computer equipment from the United Nations Geneva for schools. In this occasion we installed a computer center in Toubacouta and initiative for young people.

Additional Information:

Mr. Möller, UN Director said humanitarian aid offered with all these collaborators killed, wounded or kidnapped during their work. A new development framework will be implemented in September 2015. There are 17 new sustainable development goals. The key is how to better collect money for aid and how to better protect employees during their missions.

To fight well against poverty, insecurity, juvenile delinquency, begging and street children, the NGO intends by various actions to promote harmony, collegiality, equality of opportunity among women especially mothers family, equal opportunities of gender; by fruitful and sustainable community projects.
For this purpose, acting for the humanitarian cause and influence of the Senegalese people, ACI would dramatically amplify its partnership for current and future ambitions; like globalization and invites them to join the famous community project "Sustainable Development Goals", widely and waited in vain for rural people to improve their survival and livelihood.

ACI HUMAN RIGHTS is ready to work with its future partners to support its humanitarian ambitions for sustainable development in Africa and in the world, and opens its doors to all goodwill in connection with a concrete commitment to prosperity. "Your action today is tomorrow's key success."

Your contribution is our strength!

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Fin du CDH à l'UNOG

Fin du CDH à l'UNOG le 24 Mars 2016, durée 29 Février au 24 Mars..., des moments intenses de décisions entre les États et les diverses commissions, pour établir des Recommandations et Amendements. Nous vous donnons Rendez-vous en Juin pour le prochain conseil.

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